Drepano is a coastal resort which belongs to the Municipality of Nafplio and is situated in only 7 km from Nafplio, the capital of Argolida. The region is especially gifted by nature, because it combines the intense green of the plain with the bright blue of the sea, on the seaside of Plaka, which is at a short distance.

Alongside the coast, you will find hotels, rooms to rent and campings that may satisfy every demand. The accommodation owners have taken care, so as their facilities would cover you and your family. In some cases, there is also the possibility of access for people with special needs. If you like to enjoy tasty food and regional fresh fish, there are family fish taverns almost on the seaside, while you may enjoy your coffee and cool cocktails at the cafeterias and beach bars.

On Drepano square you will find traditional little taverns serving local specialities made of fresh local raw ingredients. Don’t forget to visit some of them. The village professionals will offer you family hospitality.

The village is visited by many tourists during the summer months. Despite that, the place hasn’t lost its traditional beauty. You will find hospitable people, calm environment and picturesque narrow streets.

Even if the place is seriously supported by tourism, local residents are still occupied with agriculture, stock breeding and fishing. For all the above, Drepano is surrounded by beautiful, organized fields producing mainly citrus fruits.

Important date: August 25 – 26 ( Local traditional religious feast St. Adrianos and St. Natalia ).


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FiloxeniaSuites | Maria’s Filoxenia Suites


FiloxeniaSuites | Maria’s Filoxenia Suites